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ZanaQuick Foot & Body Powder

ZanaQuick Foot & Body Powder (Talc) was created to help absorb excess moisture. Contains herbs with properties to soothe the skin.


  • Use at the Feet to keep them dry, and combat fungi, and athlete's feet.
  • It is recommended to use them on shoes to dry moisture.
  • Help fight Foot fungus.
  • Absorbs excess moisture.
  • It helps control itching, burning and bad smell.
  • Keeps feet dry and fresh
  • Promotes healthy skin


Step 1: Wash the area with ZanaQuick Aseptic Cleanser twice a day. 
Step 2: Spray the area with ZanaQuick Aseptic Spray and allow to dry. 
Step 3: Apply ZanaQuick Creme Emulsion and let it absorb. 
Step 4: Lastly, use ZanaQuick Foot & Body Powder (Talc).

Continue using the product for at least 4 weeks.

INGREDIENTS: Talcum Talc (Asbestos free and less than 1% crystalline silica), hydrous magnesium silicate, Rosemary Ext, Sage Ext, Peppermint Ext, Carrot Root Powder, Lemon Fruit Ext, Anise Fruit Ext, Aloe Vera Ext, lIex Ext. Salicylic Acid, Camphor . Undecylenic Acid, Tea Tree Oil.

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