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ZanaQuick Antifungal Nail Treatment

Remove the fungus faster with the Zanaquick Treatment.

"For better results "

Recommended file the surface of the nails, and also cut the ends, to remove the infected part of the fungus.

  • ZanaQuick Dipex, it is recommended to use once a week, to deeply clean the nails and skin. It leaves them clean and oxygenated.
  • Apply ZanaQuick Nail Drops around the cuticles and along the edges of the nails so that it penetrates under the nails (2 times a day).
  • Apply ZanaQuick Antiseptic Spray in shoes, socks, limes and nail clippers. It is important to dry the moisture. This prevents the nails are still infected with fungi.
  • ZanaQuick Oxy-Pro, Remove all the dry, hard part of the nail, so that ZanaQuick Drops penetrate better, and remove the dead mushroom scab (use once a day). The 24 hours of the day work.
  • The ZanaQuick Vitamins with Macro Nutrients and Minerals 100% natural to grow the nails faster and the fungus disappears in a short time.

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